Vincent Williams and Len Webb



LEN WEBB is dedicated radio / podcast producer heard currently on the FM airwaves of WPPM-LP 106.5FM in Philadelphia & Camden, where his award-winning geek culture show Black Tribbles calls home. 


"Too Cool to be Geeks, Too Cute to be Nerds," the Black Tribbles have won fans in Philadelphia, featured in newspapers and media outlets across the country while shining a spotlight on geek culture from every angle with an educating and entertaining point of view. Their audience and special guests such as astrophysicist Neil DeGrasse Tyson, singer/actor Estelle (Steven Universe) celebrate their own unique 'meekness' by joining their 'Tribble Nation' with their self-titled Tribble Designation (e.g.- Len, a devotee of everything Batman, is The Bat-Tribble).  

Len still enjoys mixing Peanut Butter Cap'n Crunch with Rice Krispies which his daughter Olivia thinks is disgusting.

VINCENT WILLIAMS is a life long pop culture fan and scholar.  With his cousin Darryl, he hosts It’s All Soul, a weekly music show focusing on 70’s soul and jazz, 90’s hip-hop and the occasional musical, on internet radio station G-town Radio, where he first met Len.


For over a decade, Vince wrote music, film and television criticism for the Baltimore City Paper and authored a black popular culture column, “Social Studies.”He completed a Ph.D. in English Literature at Temple University that has proven to be more useful than you would think.  He loves hip-hop, sneakers, and video games. He gets his new comics on Wednesday. 

Vince is comfortable with the fact that he has the passions of a twelve year old.

The two friends, always looking for collaborative opportunities, agreed to take on Len's challenge of watching and reviewing every Black feature film ever made and released to theaters. In Vince's words, they hope to give 'Rolling Stones' magazine style examination to these under-appreciated works of art. Together they hope to find the perfect wine to drink with Pam Grier's 'Coffy', the five movies since 1985 in which Samuel L. Jackson did not appear and someone else who agrees with Len that The Last Dragon is a bad movie.