Len 'Cruze' Webb and Vincent Williams

                              Len 'Cruze' Webb and Vincent Williams


LEN 'CRUZE' WEBB is a writer/illustrator and graphic designer who decided in 2007 he didn't have enough slashes to his title. So with the advent of G-town Radio in Philadelphia, he became a radio producer and podcaster, eventually leading to the creation of the breakout hit podcast for geek culture Black Tribbles.

The show won the Streaming Media Project of the Year at the 2014 Philadelphia Geek Awards and has been featured in Philadelphia Weekly, Philadelphia Inquirer and numerous media outlets.

In 2015, Len created an irreverent webcomic with his daughter Olivia. Heaven Sent chronicles the weekly adventures of Bella, the illegitimate daughter of God and the fallen angel Lilith.

Len goes by 'BatTribble' on Black Tribbles because of his love of everything Batman (Olivia is 'Wonder Tribble' and has a pet pig named Diana; guess why?) and enjoys mixing Peanut Butter Cap'n Crunch with Rice Krispies which his daughter thinks is disgusting.

VINCENT WILLIAMS is a life long pop culture fan and scholar.  With his cousin, he hosts Its All Soul on G-town Radio, a weekly music show focusing on 70’s soul and jazz, 90’s hip-hop and the occasional musical.

For over a decade, he wrote mostly music, film and television criticism for the Baltimore City Paper and authored a black popular culture column, “Social Studies.”

He completed a Ph.D. in English Literature at Temple University that has proven to be more useful than you would think.  He loves hip-hop, sneakers, and video games.  He gets his new comics on Wednesday. 

He is comfortable with the fact that he has the passions of a twelve year old.