148 - The Best Man (1999) with Tia Whitfield by Micheaux Mission


TIA WHITFIELD of Millennial High Radio loves THE BEST MAN (1999) even though she has some definitive feelings about the motivations of some of the characters. There's something about a lady wearing a choker that makes the Mission really sing!

143 - If Beale Street Could Talk (2018) by Micheaux Mission


Vince and Len start off 2019 in style and with much class, reviewing director Barry Jenkins' adaptation of the late James Baldwin's mesmerizing novel IF BEALE STREET TALK, featuring Stephen James, Regina King, Colman Domingo, Micheal Beach and the debut lead of Kiki Layne.

48 - Mo' Better Blues (1990) by Micheaux Mission

Mixologist SUMMER WILLOW FITCH tosses together a delish concoction called Mo' Better (an adult drink or so I'm told) and joins the Men for a review of 1990's Spike Lee sexy drama MO' BETTER BLUES, starring Denzel Washington, Wesley Snipes and introducing Cynda Williams.

17 - Brown Sugar (2002) by Micheaux Mission

The Men welcome CHARMEL SIPPIO of the Reluctantly Adult podcast ( aboard the Mission to review 2002's BROWN SUGAR starring Taye Diggs, Sanaa Lathan, Queen Latifah and Mos Def. A Rick Famuyiwa (DOPE) film that doesn't hold up too well to criticism but still strikes a chord with the reviewers. The trick is - what does that chord sound like?

12 - Love Jones (1997) by Micheaux Mission

The bluesy side of Southside Chicago is bathed in the gorgeous browns of the cast and visuals of 1997's Love Jones, writer-director Theodore Witcher only feature film. Larenz Tate shows the chops and cut of a star rising, Lisa Nicole Carson and Isaiah Washington flirt with the promise of what could be and Nia Long becomes Nia Long.

11 - Boomerang (1992) by Micheaux Mission

Eddie Murphy. Halle Berry. Robin Givens. Martin Lawrence. David Alan Grier. Grace Jones. Eartha Kitt. Director Reggie Hudlin. All these amazing powerhouses at the peak or approaching the heights of their powers and the Men gush like schoolboys over the talented Tisha Campbell. Special guest Autumn Simmons (TalkFuzion Radio) big ups ALL the women in this buppie romantic classic.