93 - SISTER ACT / SISTER ACT 2 (1992-93) with Charmel Sippio by Micheaux Mission


Whoopi Goldberg stars in the musical comedy that gave life to a Broadway adaptation, gave the world the effervescence that is Kathy Najimy and - unbeknownst to us all - the beginning of the end of Lauryn Hill. SISTER ACT is a goodie; SISTER ACT 2 is a meal! CHARMEL SIPPIO of Black and Syndicated is our guest!

89 - WATTSTAX (1973) w GretJen Clausing by Micheaux Mission


Gretjen Clausing of PhillyCAM's Pulling Focus brings depth, insight and discipline to the Mission plus good vibrations with a beat as she joins the Men in a review of WATTSTAX, the celebratory concert film featuring Issac Hayes, the Staple Singers, Richard Pryor and a funky chicken called Rufus.