Samuel Jackson

137 - Dolemite (1975) w Dorian Missick and Omar Dorsey (EXPLICIT CONTENT) by Micheaux Mission


EXPLICIT CONTENT - The Micheaux Men return to Butch & Coco's in Brooklyn to chat about Samuel Jackson, the D.O.C., who be a 'dandy' and much more four-letter insanity - including 1975's Dolemite - with actors/best friends DORIAN MISSICK (Luke Cage) and OMAR DORSEY (Halloween).

25 - Eve's Bayou (1997) by Micheaux Mission

The Men welcome Dr. Michele Prettyman Beverly by way of Mercer University in Georgia to take a trip further Louisiana and 1997's EVE'S BAYOU. Starring Lynn Whitfield, Samuel Jackson, Debbie Morgan and Diahann Carroll and directed by Kasi Lemmons, this essential of black cinema features star making performances by young Jurnee Smollett and Meagan Goode.

3 - Fresh (1994) by Micheaux Mission

Next stop on the Mission is FRESH (1994) featuring a very young Sean Nelson outsmarting daddy Samuel Jackson and sharp dressed, sharper chiseled Giancarlo Esposito at a figurative game of chess to save his sister N'Bushe Wright. Director Boaz Yakin may have made a flick that outsmarted its audience as well.

MICHEAUX MISSION theme - "Nola" by Bill Lee/Ronnie Dyson