Giancarlo Esposito

48 - Mo' Better Blues (1990) by Micheaux Mission

Mixologist SUMMER WILLOW FITCH tosses together a delish concoction called Mo' Better (an adult drink or so I'm told) and joins the Men for a review of 1990's Spike Lee sexy drama MO' BETTER BLUES, starring Denzel Washington, Wesley Snipes and introducing Cynda Williams.

3 - Fresh (1994) by Micheaux Mission

Next stop on the Mission is FRESH (1994) featuring a very young Sean Nelson outsmarting daddy Samuel Jackson and sharp dressed, sharper chiseled Giancarlo Esposito at a figurative game of chess to save his sister N'Bushe Wright. Director Boaz Yakin may have made a flick that outsmarted its audience as well.

MICHEAUX MISSION theme - "Nola" by Bill Lee/Ronnie Dyson