Eddie Murphy

43 - Coming to America (1988) by Micheaux Mission

SIMONE MISSICK (Marvel's Luke Cage) sits down with the Men to discuss each and every theme, meme, line of dialogue, actor and actress and musical Easter eggs that make COMING TO AMERICA the most beloved Eddie Murphy movie of them all.

Our Misty Knight with SIMONE MISSICK by Micheaux Mission

The Men get warm and comfy with SIMONE MISSICK of Netflix & Marvell's Luke Cage for a freewheeling energetic chat about Deltas, sorrow, Detroit Love (Hey Crown!), Aretha shade, pork, minks at the laundromat and much much more including SIMONE MISSICK JOINS THE TRIBBLE NATION! Plus, Len discovers CARMEN RODGERS!

11 - Boomerang (1992) by Micheaux Mission

Eddie Murphy. Halle Berry. Robin Givens. Martin Lawrence. David Alan Grier. Grace Jones. Eartha Kitt. Director Reggie Hudlin. All these amazing powerhouses at the peak or approaching the heights of their powers and the Men gush like schoolboys over the talented Tisha Campbell. Special guest Autumn Simmons (TalkFuzion Radio) big ups ALL the women in this buppie romantic classic.