Our Misty Knight with SIMONE MISSICK by Micheaux Mission

The Men get warm and comfy with SIMONE MISSICK of Netflix & Marvell's Luke Cage for a freewheeling energetic chat about Deltas, sorrow, Detroit Love (Hey Crown!), Aretha shade, pork, minks at the laundromat and much much more including SIMONE MISSICK JOINS THE TRIBBLE NATION! Plus, Len discovers CARMEN RODGERS!

The Black Film Canon with Aisha Harris of Slate.com by Micheaux Mission

The Men on the Mission welcome AISHA HARRIS of Slate.com to talk about their intriguing list of the 50 Greatest Films by Back Directors, a master class of the human experience as envisioned by some of the industry's most innovative and under-appreciated auteurs. The order or even the number isn't the thing (spoiler: DO THE RIGHT THING is #1) so much as the story of the process and its revelations. Check out the full story: THE BLACK FILM CANON

23 - In search of girl 6 by Micheaux Mission

We were supposed to review Spike Lee's GIRL 6 this week but it's not available online anywhere. Hard copies are pretty scarce too. Seems reasonably reasonable to Len but Vince is quite put off by the dilemma and would like to share his put-off'ness' with you.