43 - Coming to America (1988) by Micheaux Mission

SIMONE MISSICK (Marvel's Luke Cage) sits down with the Men to discuss each and every theme, meme, line of dialogue, actor and actress and musical Easter eggs that make COMING TO AMERICA the most beloved Eddie Murphy movie of them all.

19 - Wild Style (1983) by Micheaux Mission

Don't call it a documentary though it certainly feels like one. The loose narrative and stilted acting doesn't detract (that much) from this time capsule find from 1983, the birth of hip-hop as told in the subway sprayed hues of NYC in Charlie Ahern and the immortal Fab Five Freddy's WILD STYLE. Special guest, certified hip-hop head DAN DINKINS - The Mayor of the Starting Five podcast - lends the show an air of authenticity on the subject.