31 - Uptight (1968) by Micheaux Mission

The streets of Cleveland in the wake of Martin Luther King's death are teeming with threats of militant violence and one man's disillusionment and paranoia uncorks the tension in harsh tones. An unforgiving naked look at a urgent time in history through the story of a black man losing his soul, starring Julian Mayfield, Ruby Dee, Max Julien, Raymond St. Jacque and directed by Jules Dissian. An criminally unrecognized crime classic.

26 - The Black Klansman (1966) by Micheaux Mission

From 1966 comes the story of black man portrayed by a white man playing a black man who pretends to be a white man so he can infiltrate the Ku Klux Klan to avenge the death of his daughter. If you don't believe us, it's all there in the movie's theme song. This scathing drama from the minds of director Ted V. Mikels and producer Joe Solomon (The Corpse Grinders) has to be seen to be believed.

7 - Putney Swope (1969) by Micheaux Mission

Robert Downey Sr's avant-garde satire on advertisement and the African American in the 1960s has bite, surrealism and humor, if you listen to comedians Louie C.K., Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle. The men on the Mission have a slightly different read on the black & white cult classic.

Micheaux Mission theme - NOLA by Bill Lee/R. Dyson