18 - Cleopatra Jones (1973) by Micheaux Mission

Tamara Dobson strikes an imposing and sexy figure across the screen as the James Bond-ian special agent named CLEOPATRA JONES, whose mission in 1973 was to bring sisters to the movie theaters with a heroine they can call their own. Bernie Casey, Antonio Vargas and 2-time Academy Award winner Shelly Winters round out the cast of this Warner Brother's 70s treasure.

1 - UPTOWN SATURDAY NIGHT (1974) by Micheaux Mission

The Mission kicks off with Vince's favorite movie of all-time - Uptown Saturday Night (1974) in time to reflect on the 70s comedy that showed Sidney Poitier's versatility, Harry Belafonte's comedic chops and Bill Cosby at his grimiest (or so we thought).

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